Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 306

what a perfect day. the air was warm and the streets slushy, but riding on the hill was prime. probably one of the best days yet overall.

there was this one spot... a ledge where a bowl of powder rested untouched below. a few of us perched uphill and then darted one at a time to huck ourselves off the lip to practice the best trick we could manage. the snow was knee deep and any fall was softer than jumping onto a mattress. nate landed a backflip once. one girl did a 360. i just got air. good air. good times.

the organic market is still the perfect place to end days like these. one of the girls brought over some garlic chick pea spinach soup for me to try and i realized that so far this month i haven't eaten meat once. the paycheck dinner had been delayed and now paused.

march will be an experimental vegetarian month. nothing permanent though.

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