Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 301

"chair talk"

some answers to various questions that have occurred in random conversation with random people on the various days on the mountain.

"no. yea i know this is fernie. i haven't. no, yea, i'm serious. yes. i have really never smoked weed before. yea, i'm serious."

''really? i never would have guessed. like 'granola-style' hot? man, i should look into that. do a lot of these girls do tree planting work here?"

"-hey .... ..... ....... ........" i've gone several lifts for over ten minutes without having to say another word after returning their initial hello. they've got the conversation covered. all of it.

"sorry. whoops. sorry. sorry." i don't remember how the rest of the conversation went, but a few weeks ago the t-bar haul back was super busy and they were forcing everyone to double up. i had to share the handle with a skier. i was on a snowboard. snowboards don't just face forward for you. there are grooves in the snow that tell you where you will go as you slide up the hill. skiers face forward. snowboarders face sideways and clip into the skier facing forward. "sorry. whoops. sorry. sorry."

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