Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 294

whitefish, montana, is a little like fernie. the small town has a very concentrated, vintage downtown except in the states tall storefronts connect every entrance. western style. we met melody at the swift creek cafe for breakfast and then headed to the church where her dad pastors.

we also still had a solid amount of work to do in the studio. two in the afternoon was still a ways away so we went to the grocery store to stock up on goods and spent the remaining time sitting in the van finishing writing lyrics. jeremy was a little stressed at this point, i think.

interestingly enough it turns out that luke is the music pastor at the church across the street from melody's dad's church. this man with this studio who we randomly found on craigslist knows our only friends in montana. nice.

our session was only meant to go to six or so but, as time so often and easily does in recording studios, we had only completely finished three of five songs by the time midnight hit. whoa. we have to go. ian and jeremy have real jobs that start early monday morning. i was mostly concerned with the surprise that march was already here. march.

some plans were made and a deal struck and we left with cds of the three songs we'd finalized. studio pictures and perhaps even a sample of our work soon to come on vagabonded.

i stumbled into my room at three a.m. monday morning and dropped the accordion case back to its nightstand position next to the flat futon bed.

we're... a recorded... band.. music...... we have an e.... e.p... zzzzzzzzzzz....

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