Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 320

adam has left. tyler, him, and i spent a good portion of the day scrubbing this house in preparation for departure and then, after moving some furniture back to a friend's place, he was out the door and gone like the boys before. we're down to three.

nate came around and we combined packs of mr noodles and ate and talked about the winter. he and i have been in fernie the longest out of all the seasonal crew in our group of friends. man, just thinking about the big picture and how we all came to a place where we knew little or none to develop and find some of the best friends of life so far is pretty incredible. we also both reckoned that we're going to miss waking up to a 360 degree view of mountains.

earlier in the afternoon i dropped a bunch of clothes off at the vintage consignment shop. i didn't want much in return and left with an off white 'albertan western wear' long shirt and bandana and pair of bobdylanesque shades. i noticed at mug shots today that my entire card of coffee punches is almost filled and i'm due for my last free brew next time i go in. all these little elements and the turning weather and departing friends are all little agreements for the preparation of leaving, for now, from this sweet little town and community in the mountains.

john cusack is coming to town. that's a secret, maybe, but they're actually shooting a movie on the ski hill in a month. the entire cast and crew has booked the lodge i play piano at for about a month. there's a chance i might come back for a couple weeks to play whilst the mass of rich and famous are staying in this obscure little town. could be a fun time.

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