Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 318

productive. my room has been finally cleaned and friend chris and i took care of both our houses' total recycling via his pickup truck and morning motivation. i walked home sometime after noon with a coffee and rice crispy treat from mugshots to get ready for the hot springs trip. ah, yes, it was meant to happen after all.

dave, nate, crystal, and i left town after three in the afternoon. the two hour drive was flawless and quick. maybe it was crystal's driving. it could have been the thawing mountains and logging trucks and momentum through this spring weather as well. the four of us took turns picking one song to play from each of our ipods and we cycled around the car for the entire trip there. a good method.

gas station coffee. the highway. a gravel road and a mountain pass and then the now familiar trio of rocky pools alongside a rushing light aqua river. the overhanging snowbank was melting on the other shore and the deep valley was cold but not near as bad as it'd been the last couple times around here during the dead of winter. the pools were crowded with pilsner drinking hippies and ragamuffin type. after an hour or so we had the middle pool all to ourselves.

later we had burgers at denny's in cranbrook. i'd always imagined shooting some sort of monologued short film in a denny's. i listened over the booth to nearby conversations as the four of us agreed that cranbrook is quite a boring place. no offense to friends that live there. i warmly remembered hitch hiking from cranbrook to fernie in early november.

the night is growing late and i'm not tired. everyone in our house has long gone to bed and i'm just about ready to brew another green tea and read. i'm also often remembering yesterday.

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