Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 323

naked. not empty, like it was when we first moved into the house, but eerie and now hollowed of our snowboards and food and gear and everything. we spent this last full day in our house cleaning. everything. and the carpets.

tonight was also the last movie night we would go to. greg, the owner of edge of the world, has had them at his house every monday the entire season.

now tonight i'll sleep on the couch cause the sheets have been cleaned and even the kitchen is spotless and won't be cooked in by us again. our phone and internet is disconnected and i'm sitting outside facing the stop n shop's free internet in an armchair we're giving away to whoever comes by to take it. most of the rest of our free stuff has been poached. the highway is quiet but for the occasional swooping semi and i'm about to go back inside for this last night in our house.

by the way, tomorrow is ichat video tour day. hop online and i'll give you a video tour of wherever i'm at in this town. serious.

edit addition: being outside tonight just came in really handy. i'd literally posted and gotten inside and then was shocked to see a body laying in the street just out front next to where i'd been sitting with the computer minutes ago. motionless. crutches scattered. i went outside. he was barely breathing. no answer. i poked him with a crutch. then again. he finally twitched and heaved. dude are you okay?

i guessed he might be thoroughly drunk but he was obviously also in excruciating pain. he winced and said that he'd had too much to drink and had fallen on his bad foot and had blacked out. i helped him up and held him up by the top back of his sweater and he slowly guided me to his place just down the street. he was making horrible sounds of pain the whole way and i couldn't get over how weird this night had just become. we got into his house and his head dipped between his arms and he grabbed the couch, swaying and begging me to go upstairs and get his roommate chris. imagine hearing your name called by a stranger in your house just outside your bedroom door some monday night. like i said, a weird situation.

a bewildered guy who would be chris opened the door with wide eyes, but once he came downstairs and saw his heaving and cringing roommate he started to freak out. i figured there was nothing left i could do and chris said 'cheers, cheer man' a dozen times over the cries of pain of his friend. man, i hope that the dude is okay.

ANOTHER edit addition: seconds after posting that last addition another drunk man came to our pile of stuff and tried to mount the desk up on his shoulders. he's stumbling around the street holding it above his head. i think he'll make it. this has been the weirdest night of the entire winter.

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