Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 319

i don't know if i ever mentioned the nickname 'mystical creature' before but i've been stuck with this nickname since camp. i think tyler started it because, even though we were roommates, we hardly ever saw each other awake in our room at the same time for at least a few weeks. now this winter has been filled with 'sup mystical' greetings from the rest of the boys when i get home. kind of funny.

i'm packing a little right now. tomorrow is the grand house clean in preparation for move out a few days after that.

at bible study tonight a chick who's just gotten back into town with her husband after going south of the equator for the season had brought me up in the conversations about hope and faith. jesse, the guy who let us stay in his house of guys when we'd first gotten into town, was leading a study on hope and this lady had said she was really impressed that i was still here. she didn't think it could be swung when she first heard my situations back in october. i even remembered losing hope one day in late october.

things happened. hopefully you saw them happen, too, because of this silly blog. the homeless sunday. the janitor job. the free ski pass. birthday grocery cards. friends. the countless other experiences and hookups in the time of greatest need. i mentioned to the group tonight that i'm never going to be able to live life the same again. faith. hope. love.

and jesse mentioned shane claiborne's book the irresistible revolution and how those with greatest need are usually able to see God work in the strongest ways because they aren't relying on their statuses or intently comfortable lifestyles. may i also add here that many must be worrying too hard about losing their consumeristic lifestyle. people might make global situations a bit easier on themselves if they started making the choice to life a simpler life before situations like recessions do create major issues, especially if they can't afford starbucks every morning. or if starbucks can't afford itself every morning, but that's a different matter. cycle.

for everything there is a season. i wished that this season wasn't coming to a close so soon as i pulled the books off my shelf and tossed them across the futon couch. there was a respectable library forming. i'm starting to miss our band also. we had an incredible thing going. but i'm not even trying to sound that i feel too bad, though, because people around the world are starving and going through worse things than moving out of a ski town. it's just that this winter of simple living and ultimate life-breathing makes me want to pay harder attention to the needs of others.

ten months and fifteen hundred miles has changed my life.

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