Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 299

i've lost some concentration on this blog the past few days. cabin fever might be edging in more than originally thought. even some shredding of the big snowfall hasn't thrashed the cold mountain restlessness thats been coming around each night.

shaun and paul are watching clips of the governator on youtube in the other room. i think that's part of their preparing for their trek to spend the summer in california. they leave wednesday for their interview at the embassy in vancouver.

tyler and i were chilling around town this afternoon and we both put a bit of perspective on the past ten months. we've technically been roommates or housemates since the very first day we met in may. its almost been a year of constant life with the five of us. tim and jon are as relevant in all this even though they've kind of come in during different parts of the journey.

i'm a little curious about illinois now. will people look older? i mean, it has been almost a year. tomorrow is day three hundred. do people change appearance much in three hundred and whatever days?

i've finished sorting the goods to donate and dump. remember back when the leaves here were orange and longboarding to the grocery store was just becoming a new way of life? thirty-three cent bananas and fifty-nine cent bagels were the official lunch of a vagabond.

looks like we're officially leaving fernie at the very end of march instead of the end of april. tentatively-official.

there are a few stops still yet to be made.


slight insomnia seems to be a reoccurring pattern for nights of the last few weeks in any place i've grown comfortable during the past two hundred ninety-nine. its happened before both on vancouver island and in seattle. each following experience, however, has gotten better and better. fuller and fuller.

i've just stepped back inside the house to brew some green tea after spending a few moments against a wall across the street while watching the logging, coal, oil, tow, pickup, and semi trucks rumble past the highway. there's a light snowfall and taxis join the midnight flow as they carry incapacitated souls away from the pub across the street. a front wheel drive station wagon struggles to turn uphill from the side street and has to try three times before gathering enough momentum to jolt onto the clear, dark highway.

yes, there are a few stops yet to be made.

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