Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 307

the powder 8 competition. fourteen teams of pairs competed on the slopes to try to create their best figure-eight tracks while also being judged on their synchronicity and flow. after setting up the generator and mini sound system on the top of the mountain, my job was to blast music down and across the slopes and introduce teams over the mic. i know that the announcer/emcee gig doesn't sound too much like me but it turned out to be a blast. all you do is hold the microphone a little farther than normal and roll your voice. "our next team has only just met today.. one is from massachusetts and the other from london, england, and even tho their bio sheet doesn't say exactly, i think they also met on you'll have to double check that with them tho." that kind of gab. the two ladies in matching florescent orange were fun to call for. and the two american guys, both named tom, comprised 'team tnt' and asked that the acdc song be played for their runs.

constant fog and heavy snow made conditions pretty terrible overall but the comp went on and teams were commissioned by the ski patrol starters to make their runs in between the blowings and partings of mist and white. the judges sat below. at the end of the day, in the lodge, i was asked to do the awards ceremony too. there were drawings before the top three teams were brought up to stand on the podium on stage and 'team tnt,' the college buddy ski duo, were declared winners.

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