Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 315

white trash party? does that even sound fun?

it is. man, it is.

there were probably just over twelve of us and, although i never counted at or afterwards, the group seemed complete. a tshirts. girls with heavy makeup lines. kraft mac n' cheese with corn dogs were served for this kind of event.

like i said before, it is indeed fun.

we have plans set for tomorrow too- a road trip to some natural hot springs. it's weird to see friends on facebook post their 'spring break trip' pictures. march madness basketball is all the rage, too. none of that is happening here, though. we're just a group of friends and people enjoying life and realizing that there's only about a week before many people start leaving our group.

life is good.


Joshua Field said...

sounds like a blast my friend. savor every moment.

ParkeRross said...

come to Portland...